This year’s company fishing tournament was held on February 29, 2020. It was a clear day with winds not exceeding about 10mph, which was great given the temperature was about 39°F that morning. Competitors were given the go ahead to wet their hooks 30 minutes before sunrise, so most were at their spots by 6:15am.

Fishing was slow for the most part, but as the sun rose and the temperatures with it, fish moved upwards too and those not fishing deep were able to hook a few.

Of the 24 teams registered, 20 were able to weigh in. The 65 fish weighed in yielded a total 140lbs. The biggest fish was weighed in by the team of LaRee Bossier (OE employee) and her grandson, Logan O’Dell, who landed the 5.03lb bass. OE employee Corbin Voegeli and partner Todd Benoit weighed in a very close second big bass at 4.77lbs.

Official standings:

  • 1st Place: LaRee Bossier, Logan O’Dell–5 fish @ 13.59lbs
  • 2nd Place: Kai Poullard, Christian Juniau–5 fish @ 12.82lbs
  • 3rd Place: Bryan Gunter, Ethan Gunter–5 fish @ 11.02lbs

There were lots of contenders for the smallest bass weighed in, but David Monteaux’s team weighed in the smallest bass and was remunerated accordingly.

We thank our many sponsors and contributors for providing products and services. These vendors and individuals include, but are not limited to: Brian Gauthier (tournament planner/coordinator), Jeff with Honest Mike Outdoors, Rambo Outdoors (door prizes), Tracey Mott, USAMDT, Dominion Forms, and more.

It was a great day for family and friends, and all are looking forward to next year’s tournament.